April 20, 2023

National Parks Week starts in two days and runs until April 30th. It is a time to commemorate the beauty and significance of America's national parks, which span across over 84 million acres of land in the US. During this week, people from all over the nation will be visiting and exploring these natural wonders. Where do you plan to take your WANDRD bag to celebrate?

The first National Park, Yellowstone, was established in 1872, and since then, the National Park Service (NPS) has expanded to include 63 parks, as well as over 400 other sites that include monuments, historic sites, and recreational areas. These parks are home to an array of breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife, from towering mountains and deep canyons to vast deserts and pristine forests.

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National Parks Week is an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to plan trips to one of these incredible destinations. During this time, many of the parks offer free admission, making it an accessible and affordable option for everyone. There are also a variety of events and programs organized throughout the week, such as guided hikes, wildlife watching, and educational seminars.

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Apart from being a source of entertainment and recreation, national parks also play a crucial role in preserving and protecting America's natural and cultural heritage. These parks are essential in maintaining biodiversity, safeguarding threatened and endangered species, and preserving historical and cultural sites. They also provide clean water and air, as well as offer a place for scientific research and study.

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However, these parks face many challenges, including climate change and pollution. That is why it is essential to celebrate and support these national treasures, not just during National Parks Week, but throughout the year. By visiting these parks, we can show our support for their conservation, as well as learn more about the ways we can help protect them for future generations.

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National Parks Week is an incredible opportunity to celebrate and appreciate America's natural treasures. From awe-inspiring landscapes to diverse wildlife, these parks offer a unique experience that is both educational and entertaining. By visiting these parks, we can not only enjoy their beauty but also play a vital role in their conservation and preservation. Plan a trip to a national park near you, and join in the celebration of National Parks Week. Oh and don’t forget your WANDRD bag