Our Mission

We create products that inspire people to get out and live passionate lives; exploring, creating, and living life in the moment.

Meet our Vietnamese Family

We wouldn't be in business without good partners, and especially the great people who put so much care into making our products in Vietnam.

Our Values

These aren't in place as a marketing piece to make us look good (we'll leave that to the big guys), but we believe in these values to our core and make them a part of our daily lives here at WANDRD.

Relationships = Profit

It's simple: when our relationships thrive, so does our business.

Built to Last

From the company we're building to the products we design to the systems we put in place, we take a long term perspective. In a world of instant gratification and quick fixes, we live by the mantra "the juice is worth the squeeze". We don't cut corners. We put quality above all else. Simply put, we build things to last.

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Ego is the Enemy

We are passionate and ambitious, but we channel that passion and ambition into the greatest good for WANDRD and not our own individual self interest. Every idea is open for debate, and we debate passionately, but we never let ego get in the way. Once the decision is made, we all row in the same direction.

Radically Curious

We're curious, open, and receptive — always looking for new things, ideas, and perspectives. We challenge the status quo and question what has been done before. We're not afraid to make mistakes and we're sure as hell not afraid to take risks.


Positive. Optimistic. Solution-Oriented. What did you think it stood for?? We approach challenges with a mindset that sees problems as opportunities to innovate. We focus on the things we can control. Whether it’s designing new gear, addressing customer needs, or implementing a new process internally, we thrive on finding thoughtful and practical solutions.


We’re nerds, and you better believe we wear the title like a badge of honor. We are unapologetically enthusiastic about life, whether that's spreadsheets (yeah, Aust) or mountain biking (yeah, Aust). And we're unapologetically enthusiastic about other peoples enthusiasm, whether we're personally enthusiastic about their enthusiasm or not.

Our Story

It’s crazy to think this little idea we had in mom and dad’s kitchen has reached people in over 100 different countries.