Please refer to the information below for an updated list of items that are on backorder and when they are expected and estimated to ship! Make sure to check back for updates on restocking dates as they can change. Please note: If a product is on backorder in your area, ordering now guarantees you'll receive the item once it's in stock.


North and South America 

  • ORIGINAL 21L (Small) -Discontinued
Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • ROADSIDE WATCH CAP IN GREENRestocking in 2020
  • PRVKE 21L in BLACK - Expected to ship February 2020
  • WANDRD WATER BOTTLE - Check back soon!
Asia and Oceana
  • PRVKE 31L in BLACK - Expected to ship February 2020
  • WANDER MORE WORRY LESS HAT - Check back soon!
  • ROADSIDE WATCH CAP IN GREENRestocking in 2020