We love this home we call earth! We realize we are small and that making the earth better and cleaner is a daunting task. Regardless, we will keep doing all we can to better the cause. In celebration of this planet that we love so much, we will be donating all of our profits from the day to one of the organizations below. At checkout, you will have the option to choose which of the three organizations your money will go to.

Save The Waves

Save The Waves mission is to "protect and preserve the coastal environment with a focus on the surf zone." This organization works hard identifying threats to coastlines, waves, plants, and animals... Addressing any issues that can harm the unique ecosystem. Their main focus being: Coastal Development, Water Quality & Watersheds, Sea Level Rise & Coastal Erosion, Marine Debris, Reefs, and Access. 

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Natural Resources Defense Council

The NRDC has a big voice and is an important player in advocating for Earth, experts consider them to be one of the top-most influential nonprofits in the climate change arena.  They strive to protect nature for our future generations, work to restore the integrity of the elements that sustain life and defend our endangered natural places. "Ultimately, NRDC strives to help create a new way of life for humankind, one that can be sustained indefinitely without fouling or depleting the resources that support all life on Earth." 

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Trees For Cities

Trees For Cities is an international effort to green up our planet, with 77,382 trees planted thus far, their goal is to plant ONE MILLION by 2020. "In London, this might mean planting trees to clean the air or transforming unused community spaces into vibrant green areas, making our communities happier and healthier places to live, whilst in Nairobi it’s planting fruit trees for food and sustainable livelihoods."

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